The much-awaited IXFI Launch

The most awaited moment by crypto industry beginners — the launch of IXFI

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4 min readDec 22, 2021


IXFI has just launched its all-in-one crypto trading platform, meant to serve its users as a complete alternative to traditional banking. This means that the users will benefit from a variety of features that will allow them to manage their assets with more freedom.

This concept, although promised by many in the past, is coming to life through the efforts of IXFI’s team who is catering to what crypto investors have been requesting for years, which is a secure way to practice their trading with more control over their funds and earnings, while also enjoying a complex and complete experience.

What does this mean and how will it be put into practice?

Simply put, this means that platforms such as IXFI are the first steps towards moving towards a decentralized financial system that doesn’t give governments as much power over the personal finances of their citizens. This put the power right back into the individual’s hands, where it belongs frankly.

As things will progress along with this growing trend, it will be a matter of which is the most suitable platform for such a task. As history has shown us many times, it is often the first and most innovative company and product that remains the leader in its sphere. And just as Apple was there to create the first personal computers and Microsoft to create its revolutionary operating systems, so might IXFI become the most notorious trading platform for the innovative features it brings to the table.

What are these innovative features?

The fact that IXFI describes itself as an all-in-one platform is no coincidence. The platform gives its users an abundance of features such as the Staking / Earn Program, Crypto Loans, Fast Funds, Barter Exchange (NFT 2.0), and an innovative Playground Environment where users can earn platform-native tokens, IXFI tokens, which they can use in the actual exchange.

These are just a few of many that will become available after the launch takes place and the exchange begins. What is certain is that this promising complete package is the first of its kind and the intricate ways in which the platform will be operated by its users will attest to how much IXFI will improve and innovate the world of crypto trading.

How has IXFI been received so far by the public?

Although the launch has only just taken place, over the last few months there has been a decent amount of general discussion about what IXFI is promising and how it will implement said promises. The public appears to show interest in this upcoming platform and it has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews both from inexperienced and experienced investors.

Many have gone online to express their excitement, to announce that they felt listened to, and to demand more details about the state of the project. Many have even registered ahead of the launch. This looks like a smart decision on their part because IXFI has implemented a countdown to the launch on their website and has announced that accounts created while this countdown is still ticking will benefit from some exclusive privileges, and who doesn’t like those?

With this launch, people are already invested in what impact this project will have on the current state of affairs and the future of crypto trading as well.

What should we expect in the future?

It’s no doubt that the long-awaited launch is the main event of this December but one shouldn’t lose sight of the influence IXFI will have in the long term. The team will continue working on improving, innovating, and perfecting the platform. The launch is just the stepping stone towards the bright future ahead for crypto investors.

Even though it seems like everything is crypto nowadays, let’s not forget that we live in a bubble for now, more or less. Crypto hasn’t hit the mainstream yet, as traditional banks are still the first choice of financial management for the general public. This means that we are still the so-called “early bird” and we have a much better chance of “getting the worm”, as the saying goes.

We only need to ensure that we will have everything necessary to succeed on our financial journeys and to accomplish our goals. Choosing the right platform is certainly a determining aspect of that outcome and IXFI appears to have decided to answer everyone’s prayers with its release.

Now let the trading begin.



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